If you run an Internet site, having a backup is something extremely important, especially if you have important data or you have invested cash and time in developing the Internet site. There are numerous scenarios why you may require a backup - if you update a script and something goes wrong, if you delete a file or a whole folder by mistake, and so on. Having regular backups will help you avoid any loss of information or at least minimize the damage, which is still better than losing the entire site. You can download a copy of your content on your personal computer from time to time, but because you simply can't do that after every single change, you have to rely on the backups which your web hosting provider generates. Since that's something rather necessary, you must make certain that they keep up-to-date backups, considering that a backup created once every one or two weeks will not do any good in case you run a site such as an online store or an accommodation reservations website.

Daily Data Back-up in Shared Hosting

We recognize how important it is to have an up-to-date copy of your Internet site, so we keep a backup of all of the files and databases in every shared hosting account. We've gone beyond the vast majority of website hosting providers on the market, simply because we set up full backups not less than four times a day. This way, if a problem occurs on your site and you want a backup to be restored, the site shall look the way it did only a couple of hours earlier. The content could be restored by our tech support team or, if you would like, you can do it yourself. The available backups shall be listed within the File Manager section of your Hepsia CP in whichyou'll be able to see the date and time they were generated. You can just copy the content from there to your domain folder and the restored website shall be live instantly. However, if you're not sure how to proceed, you can communicate with our experts and they will restore the content from the date you want inside of just an hour.